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Fall Wardrobe Capsule 2022

Hello YOU!

First I wanted to thank you for having the initiative to read this post.

On this post I'll be talking about fall capsule wardrobe. I want you to take advantage of this and help you to save money and time.

Why a fall capsule wardrobe?

These are pieces that are specifically for you to look effortless chic; pieces that won't go out of style. A capsule wardrobe will save you money because you won't get caught following trends or buying clothes that you are probably going to wear only once. It will also save you time on searching online and on the stores for clothes to wear for this season (remember: the fewer the pieces, the fewer the options, which makes making decisions more easier and quicker).

The following pieces are clickable, and they will take you directly to the website where you can find something similar.

When we talk about fall, we are talking about colors like orange, red, brown and even yellowish colors. We are talking about long skirts, boots, sheer tights, plaid shirts and knit sweaters. Those are typically the color tones of the falling leaves, yet for this fall we can see that some bright cool tones are added to the color palette, but this capsule goes beyond that color palette. The capsule wardrobe is more about what you will always find for this season.

I personally love this season, I feel like the weather is perfect; not too hot, not too cold. I would leave you guys inspiration outfits on my Pinterest account, the board is called "Fall outfits 2022". I hope you guys enjoy this and I can't wait to see those amazing outfits this fall.

PS: This is only a recommendation that doesn't specifically go to a body type/shape or skin tone. Remember to buy whatever you feel comfortable with!


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