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This was my first time at New York Fashion week! And I want to tell you how my experience was, what to expect, and how I got invited but first….


What is NYFW?


The New York fashion week is a semi-annual event where designers showcase their latest fall or spring collections to buyers, the media and the public in runways fashion shows. After COVID, some of them decided to do it digitally. In Spring they usually showcase Fall and in Fall they usually showcase Spring, influencing the upcoming fashion trends for the current and approaching seasons.


The fashion week is not only held in New York but also in London, Milan, and Paris (on different dates). These cities are considered “the main fashion capitals”, and they occur twice a year in February and September. More than 50 designers are on the schedule, and you can see the list on their official website here.


How to attend NYFW?


You are most likely to get invited to runway shows if you are a buyer (like celebrities) or work in press (like fashion Editors). You can also volunteer as a model, makeup artist or photographer. In addition, you can buy tickets to some of the shows for a range price of 2k to 6k but even as a micro-influencer, blogger, you can request those tickets if you email the brands( if you are contacting the brands yourself directly, I would recommend 1 month before the runway show). In addition, you can keep in mind those designers on the list are not the only ones presenting their collections. There are a lot of other brands displaying their collections all over New York city. Therefore, and to have a better chance of getting into the show, you can search for those brands and have a better opportunity to get in the shows.


How did I get invited to NYFW?


I started to email all the brands on the list, sending my pitch with my social accounts etc. A week from the NYFW I did received an invitation which I couldn’t assist because it was out of the dates I was going to be there,. I also received a lot of  “At this time we are at capacity’ BUT don’t get discouraged because sometimes they already have a complete list covered for the shows (All of this within one month before the event). Another tip that I found on Tik Tok was the app ‘GPS radar’ where sometimes the brands or people post about fashion events going around the location because as I said before, there are a lot of other brands doing shows at the same time, and I found one of the brands that I work for was throwing a runway show in the city. I emailed them and that’s how I got into the show, and also a gifting suite. I can’t deny it was amazing since it was my first time going to NYFW! But we have to take in consideration the point of going there since they are not covering the hotel, flight, food, and any other expenses. You have to be prepared for networking and connect with people that potentially can work with you. While you are there, you can enjoy the city of New York since there are a lot of things to do and if you don’t have events you can take advantage by going around and exploring the beautiful city. Besides in this type of city you never know with whom you will be networking with.


How was the experience?


I sincerely loved it! I went for the ADORE ME runway show. The day of the show, in the afternoon, I had the gifting suite where they offered food and drinks in addition to pieces of the collection before the runway. I got to meet beautiful, amazing people in the industry, and got to be VIP at the runway show at night. The collection they portrayed was beautiful, I have always worn their lingerie and I love it!

How was NYC during that week?


I have been to NYC a couple of times, and I thought it would be busier. I went in February which is the coldest month of the year but honestly it was perfect. Very sunny, no snow, no rain, a little bit cold but nothing that a good thermal underwear wouldn't fix. A lot of people on the street as usual, a lot of people with incredible outfits, but that’s just a normal day in NYC and that’s why I love the city, there is always fashion everywhere. Overall it was great, but they say NYFW in September is a lot busier since there is not too much cold and people tend to go out more, and celebrities as well. No, I didn’t spot any celebrities but I wasn’t too focused on that but you could definitely run by a celebrity during that week just have to keep an eye out there for it.


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