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If you live in Orlando and want something different to do besides the attraction parks, this is for you!

5 different date ideas to do with your partner or friends!



This is something that I haven’t done yet, but it is definitely on my list. It looks so much fun! I love creating pieces for my home, and here you will learn how to throw on the potter's wheel. You will have the opportunity to make 2 bowls during class, and then paint them.

All clay, paints, materials, and fees are included in the class price which is around $50 per person. Check out more on their website here.



Are you ready to create your makeup?

This is perfect for a night out with your girls. Here you will be able to create the formula/color for your lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, and concealer. They will teach you how to do it and provide everything you need, plus a complimentary beverage to sip on while blending. Price will depend on what you are creating, and the quantity of it. This activity starts at around $60 per item. Check out more on their website here. By appointment only.



This is perfect for a spa day either with your partner, with your friends, or for a double date spa day. They have four different rooms, all private, and it is up to 4 people per room. Here you will soak in a hot bath of beer ingredients while drinking beer from a tab which is unlimited, but they also serve wine. Inside the room they have sauna, straw beds, a tv where you can put your music on. It is perfect for a relaxing night, and not only that but the benefits of those ingredients are excellent for your skin. I already went, and the next I could feel the change in my skin. If you have skin problems, this could help you! The price is around $129 per person or $189 for two (2), but it also depends on how many hours you will be in. Book your appointment here.



If you are more of an adventurous person like me, this is for you. “Get up and go kayaking” is a company that offers tours to explore some of Florida's springs BUT on clear kayaks! which is amazing because you will be able to see what exactly is under you, crystal clear water, surrounded by wildlife, and you will also take a swim in designated spots. The activity takes about 2 hours, and the cost of it is around $71 per person. See their locations here.



This has been one of my favorite spots for painting. Here you will learn how to create fluid art. It was such a great and fun experience. Excellent for a date with your partner, friends, or family. Experience in painting is not required; they will help you throughout all the process. You just need to have fun and explore your artistic side! I loved how professional they were and the customer service. The price range is $40 to $150. It will depend on the canvas size you choose and any other add-on. In addition, they also have a drink menu where you can buy wine, beers, and tea, so you can sip while you paint. I just love it! You can book your date here.


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